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We are not only specialized programmers or engineers at a high level of professionalism, but also developers strive to reach the best, so we always learn what is new in technology to offer better and faster solutions to the client in all fields, and we discuss many New ideas are presented to the client to complete his project as fully as possible


AthelTree Technology Slogan
We have been keen in the slogan of the Ideal Tree of Technology on excellence and difference in terms of meaning and content, we did not see our work only a tree sprouting new unique ideas, a tree of technology, colors inspiring and energetic, told by science, work and attention,


  1. Professional programming
  2. Professional design
  3. Good project analysis
  4. Customer Support
  5. Deliverable within schedule time plan

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Who We Are

AthelTree Technology is a 100% Saudi institution,

we started our technological journey from scratch as a small team dreaming of expansion and spreading that we have now become an integrated enterprise consisting of a group of specialized teams in many fields, our first goal is to serve our customers to the fullest, so the first thing It is to provide an integrated team expert in all areas of our work from
• Design and programming of mobile applications
• Web design and programming
• Design and programming of web applications
• E-Marketing